Waymo is a Great Improvement in the Automotive Industry

Jiang Chang

Information Technology 104, Section 005

February 10, 2017



The public will have the chance to drive self-driving cars in 2020. As a result, drivers will know that Waymo is a great improvement in the automotive industry, and it will be a huge challenge to the traditional automotive industry.


Waymo is guided by a software system which is the lidar system. The system makes cars follow a detailed map and depend on sensors and software designed to run.

Social Benefits

It will benefit local traffic situations in management systems. The traffic could be organized well as a whole by arranging the mobility demand of the trip.

Legal and Ethical Issues

New vehicles and new drive-way request governments to amend old traffic regulations which brings legal issues. Waymo is hard to recognize what differences of some objects, like a human being, a dog or bear, or a trash bin that makes a car to stop. It will bring social issues.

Potential Benefits and Problems

It may save gasoline that is good for reducing energy consumption, but this kind of cars will rely on high-tech cameras and ultra-precise GPS data. It brings privacy concerns, such as who controls the data made by this technology?





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This article is about self-driving cars are a technical challenge. It talked about   Google focus on sensors and mapping to lead to a “90 percent” decrease in the cost of the LIDAR sensor. This article has the content of same paragraphs with my topic. It is from library so that it is a professional, reliable, authority, recent and new info, closely related with my argument.


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The minivans, built in collaboration with Fiat Chrysler, are Chrysler Pacifica hybrids outfitted with Waymo’s own suite of sensors and radar. Waymo and FCA announced their partnership in May. Waymo has brought that cost down by 90 percent and has developed its own short-range and long-range lidar. Waymo’s long-range lidar can see a football helmet two football fields away.



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The Self-driving cars has a great influence to the society. It will save up to 1 million lives a year worldwide by 2025. Till that year, it will reduce carbon emissions worth $867 billion. It will bring problems with privacy and security. Which will influence the ethical behavior. It will influence the business, benefits, and the society.